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Quality Systems

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► Quality Policy
    Our quality policy is as follows:「Superior Quality 、Customer Satisfaction、Confided Delivery」Lightwave Link Inc. is a passive optical communication device manufacturer; we have the advanced design, manufacturing, testing and sales. Providing the most satisfactory service to customers is the Lightwave Link Inc. responsibility of all employees, but also the staff of the Glory.

► Quality System Certification
    Lightwave Link Inc. has a sound quality management system, and full compliance with ISO9001: 2008 version of the all the requirements of the matter. Lightwave Link Inc. of ISO9001: 2008 version of the validation range fiber amplifier, optical switching, optical transmitter design, manufacturing and sales services business.
Organizational functions
► Reliability validation

      Lightwave Link Inc. for the implementation of new products, product reliability verification following Telcordia GR-1073- Core and/or GR-1221-Core that criteria here are meant to from a minimum set of reliability assurance practices. The GR is directed toward the design engineering, manufacturing, and reliability / quality organizations of equipment suppliers and optoelectronic device manufacturers, and network planning. It is intended to help encure the reliable operation of passive components in all equipment and network applications of a typical Public Switched Communications Network. By identifying a set of minimum reliability assurance practices that balance confidence in component reliability with component cost, the manufacturers, services providers, and end users can all benefit.


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10G SR/SW Quad port fiber bypass module
It is design expressly for Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provides complete visibility to network traffic.
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