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  • Ethernet Linear Protection SwitchingITU G.803.1 Ethernet linear protection switching should be applicable to Point-to-Point VLAN‑based ETH SNC which provides connectivity between two ETH flow points in an ETH flow domain. VID(s) can be used to identify Point-to-Point VLAN based ETH SNC(s) within ETH links. Additional details on ETH and related atomic functions can be obtained from ITU‑T Rec. …
  • SDH/SONET ProtectionITU-T G.841 This Recommendation provides the necessary equipment-level specifications to implement different choices of protection architectures for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) networks. Protected entities may range from a single SDH multiplex section (e.g. linear multiplex section protection), to a portion of an SDH end-to-end path (e.g. subnetwork …
  • WDM / OTN ProtectionOptical Transport Network (OTN): Linear Protection      ITU-T G.873.1 This Recommendation defines the APS protocol and protection switching operation for the linear protection schemes for the Optical Transport Network. Protection switching will occur based on the detection of certain defects on the transport entities (working and pro…
  • Bypass in in-line / ITSThe bypass switches upon failure by detecting a loss of link and loss of power of any inline appliance. The bypass switch is designed to maintain operational link state to all ports (except in the power down state) making the switchover seamless and unnoticed by users. By constantly monitoring link status, the bypass switch can automatically switch to the by…
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It is design expressly for Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provides complete visibility to network traffic.
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